Will COVID-19 spark a data revolution in drug discovery?

The urgency of COVID research exposed vulnerabilities and opportunities available in the pharmaceutical industry.

With so much data available, those able to organise, link and interpret it have taken the lead.

In this report we explore the use of data in drug discovery with two leaders who believe this is the time to change.


The report coverscover with drop shadow

  • The use of data in present drug discovery - including COVID-19 research.
  • The opportunities available to improve data handling in drug discovery.
  • Practical steps the industry can take to improve research now.
  • The Digital First model, and how this is already employed at two leading pharma companies.


You will hear from

  • Joe Donahue - Managing Director for Life Sciences at Accenture. This industry giant understands the value of data and informatics within science, and brings them together to help accelerate the discovery and development of new medicines.
  • Juergen Harter - CEO of the CCDC who manage the Cambridge Structural Database. An essential resource for not only big pharma, but a growing number of agile start-ups and biotechs who need high quality data to underpin new frontiers in artificial intelligence.

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